Autism Toolkit by Enable Lanka Foundation

This toolkit has been made available online and in print, as a collaborative effort of Enable Lanka Foundation and the Inclusion and Engagement Committee of the Commonwealth Youth Council.

The inspiration and guidance for this toolkit has been gleaned from the publication known as Autism in the Commonwealth which has been created by Jonathan Andrews from the U. K. , a young advocate for the inclusion of persons with autism in the workplace and the said publication has been published by the Commonwealth Youth Council in tandem with the IAmAble campaign.

The invaluable support of Dr. Dineshini Hettiarachchi Sirisena In the process of adopting this to Sri Lankan context and translating this toolkit into Sinhala language, is remembered with immense gratitude while offering special thanks to Ms. Aysha Kaseem, a comic artist as well as a journalist, who contributed with the beautiful and meaningful comic illustrations to make this publication more attractive and Mr. Rukshan Gunasena, a graduate of University of Moratuwa as well as a member of Enable Lanka foundation, also is remembered with much appreciation for the contribution made in designing this publication with such an elegant finish.