Enable Lanka Foundation Enable Lanka Foundation



To lead the nation towards the progressive realization of the development policies through enabling Sri Lanka in an inclusive manner that ensures universal access, equal distribution of resources and innovative means of community empowerment via social entrepreneurship while leaving no one behind.


Sensitizing the public sector, corporate  sector and citizenry through advocacy and demonstrative project implementation about the importance of universal accessibility in the modern Sri Lanka that’s fast-approaching a higher aging population and aiding the economic, development and educational policy implementation to empower the youth, women and marginalized communities in terms of living standards and gainful employment in accordance with the national and international standards set by the relevant development indicators as per the sustainable development goals.


Amidst the plethora of nongovernmental organizations which aim to serve diverse purposes targeting various populace, Enable Lanka Foundation stands unique through its holistic vision mission and approach that strive to play the role of a community level facilitator in breaching the gap between policy design and civic involvement in accomplishing the goals intended by the said policies.

On January 2015 a committed, skilled and driven group of young professionals came together with their honesty, genuine passion and genuine passion and personal integrity, which ensures the 100% performance, eloquence and diligence in delivering impactful social change which is conducive to the inclusive development of Sri Lanka, true to the name of the organization.

Special emphasis is given in all the projects carried out by Enable Lanka Foundation to the impact they made in minorities and marginalized communities including the persons with disabilities and other vulnerable communities.